Fairwinds HOA Grounds Committee Mission

The mission of this committee is to assist the BOD in the management of the physical
properties of the HOA. This committee is responsible for recommending the
maintenance and improvement of HOA grounds and rights of way. These tasks include
landscaping, lawn care, irrigation, pruning and the roadway. Members of the
committee serve as leaders for recruitment of qualified subcontractors and organization
of volunteers. The committee serves as an advisory body to the BOD to identify
concerns and opportunities and to preserve the physical integrity and aesthetic quality
of our grounds.


1. Adhere to the rules and regulations set forth in the governing documents.
2. Inspect the grounds periodically with the CAM or as established by the Committee and the BOD and to make recommendations to the BOD for suggested alterations, repairs or improvements.
3. Work with the CAM to evaluate contractor performances compared to current contracts, to the current budget and community needs.
4. Work with the CAM to obtain multiple quotes on large projects when applicable.
5. Assist the BOD in developing and prioritizing goals, projects and tasks during budget preparation.


Martin Aita, Chairman
Frank Dunbar
Billy Glen